I started carrying a camera in the 7th grade when my science teacher invited me to his photography class; I was hooked! My paper route money purchased an Pentax K1000 with Asahi 50mm lens and my parent’s hall bath was converted into a dark room with enlarger and fixer tubs. The old worm out camera sits on a shelf, but its replacement K1000 and the old lens still keep me company (loaded with black and white print film.)

For over 30 years I have lived and worked on the central coast of California, tucked between the ocean and the Gabilan Mountains. This is Steinbeck’s country, rich in agricultural and political history.

My work includes service as an Air Force medic, a firefighter, a production engineer and HAZMAT team member with IBM Corp., and a commercial real estate appraiser and photographer in my own company founded in 1990. While in the military I was a field medic in a field hospital unit; somewhere in my military travels I qualified as an expert marksman (with real bullets.)

I create photographic art in lifestyle, portrait and commercial photography genre’s for local business, graphic art design houses and media production companies. My work has been used by the San Benito and Monterey County Chamber of Commerce and Travel Bureaus, published in the Farmers Almanac and used by Google in the Google Business Places program.

As past president of our local Rotary and Chamber of Commerce, I spend much of my time volunteering for our community. One of the most gratifying things I do is to provide free family photography to the underserved members of our communities through local family outreach centers such as CASA, Emmaus House and the YMCA.

Please enjoy your visit to my website and contact me if I can be of service to you or your organization.

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